Inspirational Speaker - Ida Valentine

Ida Valentine has spent years sharing her story on sexual abuse, grief and success in hopes of helping others flourish in their personal and professional life.


Ida Valentine speaks to children and adults about her experiences overcoming years of sexual abuse and the grief of traumatically losing her parents at a young age. She has always had a passion for helping children that have gone through hardships, which has led her to be a Survivor Speaker for the non-profit Rape Trauma Services. Her story will show that with the right support system and guidance, transitioning from victim to survivor to thriver can become reality.

Ida is currently an Associate in the Technology Investment Banking group at Barclays. She also serves on the Leadership Council for SEO Scholars, a non-profit organization that helps under-served students get to and graduate from college. Ida received her Bachelor’s Degree from UNC-Chapel Hill in 2014 with a major in Business Administration and a minor in Spanish for the Professions. She will be joining the Harvard Business School Class of 2021 in the Fall.  


Discussion Topics

Ida covers a range of topics and is always happy to learn about something new and share her insights! She is able to give speeches and sit on panels for audiences large and small. Below are the typical themes she covers.


  • Sexual Assault

  • Grief

  • Success in college

  • Success in the workplace


Ida has spoken for the below organizations


Coalition of Black Excellence


Rape Trauma Services

Seizing Every Opportunity

The Street Smarts



My conversation with Ida Valentine was one of the most heart-breaking and inspirational of my career. Although she talks a lot about her career in Investment Banking and her successful application to Harvard Business School, it’s her personal story and resilience that are amazing.
— Linda Abraham, Accepted
After hearing Ida’s story, I am feeling empowered and hopeful. I am hopeful in the sense that other people are able to seek the help that they need so that they can be just as successful as Ida in the future.
— El Camino High School Student
I am glad she wants to help young people who are survivors. I am sure she has touched many people’s hearts. I know she touched mine.
— Camp Kemp Student
Ida’s panel gave me the courage to speak up more in group settings. She taught me that having a voice, even if I may think it’s small, is a powerful tool to have in the workplace.
— JumpStart participant


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